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Membership Program:

Anja Yamaji's studio membership program supports the growth of her students by providing access to tools, basic supplies, and a shared creative space to encourage working on their own art projects and creations. The program includes mentoring by Anja Yamaji, to ensure that each and everyone completes their art projects with ease and confidence. In addition members have VIP access to monthly changing evening classes. Students may join the program at any time and will be granted access to the studio twice a month on Wednesdays during the hours of 1-8pm.

Membership Benefits:

1.) Monthly studio access on two wednesdays of choice, 1-8pm.
2.) VIP access to complimentary monthly evening classes, wednesdays 6-8pm.
3.) Access to tools and basic supplies.
4.) Enjoy a 10% discount on one workshop of your choice per month.
5.) Light snacks and drinks included.

Monthly Studio Access:

To reserve your studio space time you are required to sign in at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled date via Eventbrite through the provided link. A minimum of a 24-hour notice is required to reschedule your studio time. If you don't cancel your scheduled studio time you won't be able to reschedule.

Access to Tools and Supplies:

The membership fee covers access to tools as well as basic supplies that are used in Anja's regular workshops. In order to ensure that your supplies are provided please check in with Anja at least 24-hours prior to your studio time. If you are planning to work on a specific project you are welcome to bring your own brushes, tools, material, supplies, etc. You also have the choice to order specific supplies from Anja directly ahead of time. A minimum of a 10-day notice is required for orders on custom supplies and comes with a complimantary consultation on your art project.

10% Discount on 1 Workshop per Month:

To take advantage of your monthly workshop discount please email Anja directly.

VIP Access to Complimentary Classes:

Anja will be hosting bi-weekly complimentary classes on Wednesday's from 6-8pm. The access to tools, supplies, and materials needed for this class are covered by the membership fee. These classes are for members only. Classes include color theory, drawing, acrylic painting on canvas, etc. Members are welcome to request particular topics for future classes. Students are required to sign up via Eventbrite through the provided link.

Resin Pours:

If you are planning on progressing in your resin artistry you can do so during Anja's advanced resin art workshop. Since resin art requires a specific set up this artform is NOT included to work on during the Wednesday studio time. As a member you will receive a $50 discount on the advanced resin art workshop (after you have taken her beginner's class). If you are planning on pouring a bigger piece than the provided 20"x20" wood panel there will be an add-on fee. As a member you are able to leave your resin art at the studio for the curing time. 

Membership Terms:

Membership fees are charged monthly on an autopay pricing plan. Students are agreeing to a 3-month commitment to be a studio member. Memberships stay active till cancelled by student. A 30-day notice is required to cancel your membership. Cancellation notices need to be sent to info@anjayamaji.com.

Your two monthly studio days can't be rolled over to the following month.


Member Enrollment

The membership enrollment is currently open. Since studio space is limited, the enrollment process will be closed once the maximum amount of members is reached.