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About Anja

Anja Yamaji was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. In 2003, she moved to Los Angeles, then jumped to New York in 2004 to grow as an artist on both coasts. She set up her Dallas art studio in 2006 to focus on growing the versatility of her portfolio in a serene atmosphere. After attending the Academy of Freelance Makeup and working at New York Couture Fashion Week in 2011, Anja was selected to fly to London Fashion week in 2012 to work backstage with show designers such as KTZJean-Pierre BraganzaFyodor Golan and Lucas Nascimento as a makeup artist. She subsequently took the opportunity to work at New York Fashion Week in 2012.

Anja then fell in love with body art, refining her skills at competitions such as Living Art America in 2013 and Texas Bodypaint Competition in 2016. For NYC Bodypaint Day, Anja showcased her talent for German TV, and at the Flesh Art Show in New Orleans, Anja found out just how healing body art can be for a human canvas; to bring beauty out on a vulnerable body could truly connect a person with his or her worth in this world. She was primed to win third place with Breanna Cooke at Living Art America 2017, first place as a solo artist at Texas Bodypaint Competition 2017, first place assisting Breanna Cooke at Texas Bodypaint Competition 2018, and 3rd place at the Jan Tana Bodypainting Revolution in Columbus, OH, 2019.

Today, Anja hosts workshops in her Dallas studio and art school for resin art, acrylic flow paintings, mandala art, beauty makeup, headdress design, bodypainting, and more for all skill levels. To support the growth of her students as artists she offers an on-going studio membership program. From 2016 to 2021 Anja instructed at CMC Makeup School, and currently hosts workshops for the Creative Arts Center of Dallas. In 2020 Anja launched her online art school to provide greater and more affordable access to her workshops. She has exhibited her resin artwork and prints in collections such as LuminArte Fine Art Gallery and Roche Bobois in Dallas, TX. Her headdresses walked the runway at the 2022 DIFFA gala and were showcased on many occasions at local events. She launched her first handmade jewelry collection of timeless design in 2022.

Anja is a certified Chromatologist and incorporates the healing powers of color in all of her artwork.

"Driven by the love and passion for bold colors, I strive to use their powerful impact for a positive effect on people's mental and emotional well-being, as well as bringing a sense of empowerment and self-love to those exposed to my work."

— Anja Yamaji


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Custom Art

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