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As a multi-faceted artist working in a range of mediums, Anja offers a variety of makeup and art services to choose from. She is located in Dallas, TX and available for national and international travel.


Anja is a professionally trained Makeup Artist at Academy of Freelance Makeup with over a decade of experience working in beauty, fashion, commercials, film, and photography. Her professional kit includes only hand-selected industry standard products and she serves all ages and occasions.

Body Painting

As a multi award-winning bodypainter, Anja has worked with and learned from some of the best in the industry, such as Craig Tracy, Scott Fray, Avi Ram, Dutch Bihary, Josh Counsel, and many more. Anja is available for all occasions, such as photoshoots, events, private parties, etc.


As a master of the art of headdress making, Anja offers a variety of designs for all genders, ages, and occasions. Her pieces will complete your look and make you sparkle and shine. Hire Anja for a one-of-a-kind commission piece or choose a headdress from her current collection.

Resin Art

Specialized in custom work, Anja's resin art paintings will add instant glitz and glam to your space and become the centerpiece of your home or office. Hire Anja for a one-of-a-kind comission piece or choose a painting from her current collection.

Fine Art Paintings

Specialized in custom work, Anja's fine art paintings are tuned to the positive energy in a space and will enhance your room with the right colors. Hire Anja for a one-of-a-kind commission piece or choose a painting from her current collection.


Anja offers a variety of art and makeup classes to chooose from. Her workshops are available live and online. To support her students growth as artists Anja created her on-going studio membership program.

"Anja’s resin class was highly comprehensive and hands-on. She cares about her students and provides professional grade materials. Highly recommend to anyone, including complete beginners."

— Brian Hoang

"Anja's headdresses are great quality. You can use them as an art piece or wear them as a part of a costume. Anja takes great effort to make sure her pieces are comfortable and functional as well as beautiful."

— Allie Tavares

"Anja's warmth and professionalism are paramount and humbling. So(ul) fulfilling body painting experience that everyone should explore: Male, female, young, and seasoned. You certainly won't regret it."

— Victoria Banton-Pulley


For booking requests and more details about about her services, send Anja a message.


For live and custom classes, as well as online learning, please refer to the workshops page.

Custom Art

For requests on custom art and to schedule a complimentary consultation, send Anja a message.